Symposium April 14, 2011:

Depleting resources-The challenge for sustainable design
Implications for chemical processes, materials and products.

On Thursday 14 April 2011 we plan a one day symposium which will show backgrounds and applications on the theme: Depleting resources-The challenge for sustainable design. Implications for chemical processes, materials and products.

Every 2 year  the research institute IMPACT of the University of Twente organizes a well-attended symposium on the development of strategies within the chemical industry relating to the theme “Energy & Resources”.

We invite you to participate in this symposium, during which international speakers from the process industries and academia will answer all kind of related questions for you. 

We aim at participants from the process industries (process engineers and their managers), institutions, governmental organisations in charge of development or execution of policies. We expect participation of members of our (technical) universities as well – staff, PhD and MSc students.

The organising committee: Henk van den Berg – University of Twente Louis van der Ham – University of Twente Theo van der Meer – University of Twente Guus van Rossum – University of Twente
Ir. Henk Akse – Traxxys