Energy & Resources

Depleting resources-The challenge for sustainable design
Implications for chemical processes, materials and products.

On Thursday 14 April 2011 we plan a one day symposium which will show backgrounds and applications on the theme: Depleting resources - the challenge for sustainable design. Implications for chemical processes, materials and products.

Speakers from process industries, institutions and academia will focus on challenges like:   

-  Do we have a problem related to resources other than energy?
-  How will catalysis change if rare metals can not be used?
-  Can Non-Fossil-Building-Blocks help the chemical industry in becoming sustainable?
-  Are there enough Ni/Li metals for our increasing battery demand?
-  What are the global, EU and Dutch policies towards depleting resources?
-  Are depleting phosphor mines a threat to our food/feed production?


Previous Energy & Resources symposia 

On April 13th 2007, the research institute IMPACT of the University of Twente organized a well-attended one day symposium on the development of strategies within the chemical industry relating to the theme “Energy & Resources”. This first E&R symposium specially focussed on "energy".
Since then, we have seen huge surges in oil, gas and chemical feedstock availability and prices. Sustainability and independency are hot items. Numerous facts indicate these changes are structural rather than incidental. Research is going on and results have to lead to innovation of our processes.
Against thess backgrounds we organised a second E&R symposium on April 24 2009 about:
Conversion technologies for challenges in new feeds and products